Forests full of green
green water slowly flowing
under the green bridge

Read it.

Freezing in winter
and boiling hot in summer
I complain too much

Alarm clock blaring
it’s too early to wake up
I need my coffee

Origami frog
where are you hopping to now?
Little paper friend.

I'm at work today
even though it's Saturday
writing a haiku

Summer is over
but in the Florida heat
you would never know

Leaves blowing softly
the wind starts to pick up now
a storm is brewing

Moving so quickly
the clouds race across the sky
Which one of them wins?

Rain comes pouring down
it seems it will never end
but soon it will stop

Gentle breeze blowing
colors dancing in sunlight
aura of freedom

Waves crashing loudly
air smelling of salt water
vacation starts now