The purple flowers
are vibrantly contrasting
against leaves of green

Birthday Haiku

Since 2011 I have been asking my friends to send me haiku for my birthday. Here is a nice sample of them below! I'm signing them with initials rather than full names as I did not ask people if they wanted to have their name on my website. If your haiku is missing, I'm sorry. Facebook did not make it easy for me to go back and grab everything. Just give me a shout and I will look to see if I can find it! Also, please note that if someone used my name or their name in their haiku, I did change the haiku slightly to remove the name.

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Happy Birthday Sis
Break haiku record this year
I just added two!
- LS

A long day of rain
The sun hides it's warmth and glow
Yet, Karen outshines
- BT

Happiest birthday!
I would offer to sing, but -
Nobody wants that.
- AJ

Hey it's your birthday
One year older than before
Please don't break your hip
- ML

One more year passes
I'm running out of ideas
for birthday haikus
- JM

Hang on a minute
What's the plural of haiku?
Haiku or haikus?
- JM

So, it's your birthday!
Make sure you do something fun
You won't feel so old
- RS

So it's your birthday
That reminds me of a joke
about old people.
- RS

How old are you now?
What gift did Nimbin get you?
Have a great birthday!
- SB

Happy birthday you
A new year, better job, right?
Hope your dreams come true.
- EC

You're trying too hard!
Let the haiku flow through you
and let your words soar
- AT

Only moments left
To wish you happy birthday!
I did not forget!
- GO

Another birthday?
A new wrinkle and grey hair?
Smile sis, you’re still here!

Happy birthday haiku
Sorry this one is late and broken
I’ll do better next year.

A haiku for u;
Thirty-five years in the works;
Happy happy day!

Am I belated
to say “happy birthday girl”...
middle eastern time?

I hope you ate cake
I hope you laughed, danced and joked
I hope you had joy

Thirty-five is not old
Not even halfway done yet
Energy abounds!

A birthday haiku
to be written for you, just
says happy birthday

What does the fox say?
Justin Bieber is a tool
Have a good birthday

Happy birthday girl
Keep an eye out for Bill Murray
He might crash your party

What would this girl be
if this was not her birthday?
Still pretty awesome!

Can’t wait till tonight
to celebrate your birthday
and inhale that soup

A Sunday birthday
means I shouldn’t have to think!
So no damn haiku!

What day is today?
Hickory dickory dock
I love you! Birthday.

Your day has arrived
embrace every sweet moment
Happy birthday girl!

I just saw the post
requesting a haiku for you
but I sent a song

It sure gets harder
to come up with a haiku
as you get older

Still a favorite facebook friend
even with less frequent posts
of ridiculousness

Tomorrow comes soon
Monday night dinner with boss
Haiku now? bitch please!

Did you get my card?
Happy birthday dear sister!
I will call you soon!

You’re one year older
Some day we’ll all be deceased
choose to be happy.

Say, it's your birthday!
Well, happy birthday to ya.
You are not that old.

When you are eighty,
Your old, senile ramblings will
be in haiku form.

Here's your damn haiku.
Happy birthday (once again).
Haters gonna hate.

Happiest birthday
wishes to my wonderful
daughter number 2!

A birthday poem
Blow out candles make a wish
Eat some cake and smile

I wrote you a poem
Using a pen and my beak.
Now come back home. Tweet.

I already called...
But I keep my promises...
I love you sister!

Can't wait for tonight
Sushi, friends and lots of fun
Birthday party time!

Your birthday again
Though it happens every year
Thoughts of you always

Birthday plans today?
You better have a great time!
(Death is closer now.)

Another year gone
You have really gotten old
Happy Birthday yo

Much joy and good cheer
Passage of another year
Celebrate your life!

To the strange blonde girl:
Have a wonderful birthday!
Keep rocking, girlie!

Happy birthday girl!
I hope it's out of this world
From your friend with curls

Another birthday
Without your youngest sister,
Do you want to cry?

Not good at Haiku;
This is the best I can do.
Happy Birthday, You!

Although you're not here
We wish you all of the best
Celebrate YOUR day!

Happy day of birth
to my favorite dear bear
wish I could be there

Nobody listens,
To your cool haiku requests.
I will call the cops.

A birthday haiku?
From me, your dear friend, to you!
It's early, that's true!

The early Haikus
contain much more birthday love
than the late ones do

Ever young and strong
a birthday girl with pizazz
This girl is awesome

Another haiku?!
You're thirty-*cough* for god's sake!
Grow up already!

A problem she has
obsessive compulsive girl
haikus are stupid

Happy happy birth
Day to my lovely sister
Love and miss you lots!

Say, it's your birthday?
Well happy birthday to ya!!!
(ten minutes early)

older and wiser
bear in mind no chair standing
whirling fan blades hurt

Stranger but better
Enjoy your celebrations
Stop picking your nose

Birthday wishes made to you
This is your gift by the way
So enjoy it now

A birthday haiku???
Kids ask for that sort of thing!
What's next? Chuck E Cheese?

It is your birthday,
You probably will eat cake,
with a fork or spoon.

Happy Birthday girl
Party in your Birthday suit
drink but stay off floor

You're an awesome girl..
Have an awesome day to match!
But drink a lot too!

Happy birthday, you
happy birthday my dear friend.
Happy birthday, you.

facebook haikuing
a new marketable skill
oh! happy birthday!

It is your birthday
Your gift should be to see me
Sadly, monkeys die.

Let's try in Spanish
Uhh Feliz Cumpleanos
Did I do that right?

In honor of you

Your wish is granted!
Haikus flow unabated
Best birthday ever?

Winter is freezing
Florida is warmer though
Up north is jealous

What a treat for you!
An Edible arrangement
Ripe for a haiku

I didn't know how
but now I do on this day
Haiku birthday fun

Years passed are counted
Winter warmed with tally heat
Flaming confection

Slice into sweetness
Blow the candles, make a wish
Taste the joy and peace.

You silly goose, you
Wanting a wish in haiku
happy birthday girl

Happy birthday you
writing haikus not my thing
birthday wish anyway

Sister Haikus rock
but fists full of cash money
really brighten days.

Make a birthday wish
Happy birthday to you, girl!
This day is for you.

Where was my memo
Of your fun birthday haiku
Oh well, I love you.

Sorry I missed it.
I hope you had a good one.
Here's to many more!

Have a great birthday
This girl freaking rocks a lot
Enjoy your day today!