Have you ever wanted to have a place where you could be surrounded in the joy that is haiku? A place to forget your worries... if just for a little while... while you are being immersed in the joys of 5 7 5.

This is that place.


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Fall arrives quickly
The trees compete with color
But lose to the cold

Haiku for me. Haiku for you.

Dreaming in haiku
celebrating symmetry
with seventeen beats

This website is my tribute to haiku in the modern world.

I used to get my haiku fix only once a year, when I would plead with my friends on Facebook to please write me a haiku for my birthday. Well, now I don't have to wait! I'm creating my own haiku paradise!

Haiku yesterday!
Haiku now and tomorrow!
Haiku forever!

Why do I love haiku?

I can count to five
and I can count to seven
syllables are fun!

I'm not sure I remember when or why I started my obsession with haiku. I love simplicity of it, and the fact that anyone who can count syllables can write one. Well actually, there are a few other rules that traditionalists say you must follow for it to be a proper haiku. For example - traditional haiku always includes a seasonal reference, such as the below, which evokes the feeling of a warm summer night.

The noise of crickets
blending with the sound of frogs
orchestra of night

Really though, I've never been one to follow tradition just because someone tells me I have to! I do, however, abide by the 5, 7, 5 rule. I love symmetry, and what is more symmetrical than a haiku? 5, 7, 5... Reverse it and what do you get? 5, 7, 5. Ahhh, symmetry.


By the way, if you do a google search for "Haiku Fans" you would think you'd find a fan club for people who love all things haiku, right? Wrong. Some company has USURPED the name "Haiku" and have created new and unique fans. You know, those blowy things that help cool down your room. Namely, ceiling fans. I admit, they are pretty neat looking fans. Very clean and simple design, much like a haiku! I actually like them. I want one. But the price... well, that's not so clean and simple.

Searching for haiku
You wouldn't expect to find
An expensive fan