A tree stands alone
providing shelter and shade
to those who seek it.

These Companies ROCK!

I thought it would be interesting to see whether there were any companies out there that would email me a haiku, for the sole reason of me asking for one. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of companies that were willing to accommodate my silly request!

As of yet, most of the companies that responded to me with a haiku were smaller companies that had likely not outsourced their email customer service support. Some of the larger companies that I requested a haiku from either sent me a canned email, completely ignoring the request, or just flat out said "I'm sorry, but we can not write you a haiku." Still, the ones who did really made my day!

Below are the AWESOME companies who took the time to write one (or in some cases, several). Please note, I did not do any checks to see if they just found a haiku online, so I can't be sure if they stole them or not - but most are tailored to their company so they do seem legit.

I will be periodically updating this page as I get more responses. You can scroll through them all, or just click on the company name in the sidebar to jump straight to that haiku. If you have any suggestions for companies I should request a haiku from, email me at the address found on my "Share your haiku" page.

A Small Orange

Leaves changing colors
The wind blows silent whispers
ninjas welcome you

Bath and Body Works

Moonlight Path Blossoms
softly falling from the stars
explode into night


Hi there (my name here)
Birchbox loves poetry too
Lots of Birchbox love!


Dark carbon construct
masking the monotonous
Macbook in new form

Carbon fiber skin
surrounds my Macbook completely
my device is protected

Caribou Coffee

Espresso bitters
sugar and milk sweetness lends
lovely autumn morn


Files stored in Dropbox
are files that live happier.
Do you love your files?


Take a warm up run
eat pasta the night before
then make history


We're glad you love graze
Why did you want a haiku?
Here you go Graze fan.


Haikus are easy
but sometimes they don't make sense

Let it be noted that Groupon must have found this haiku online, but I wanted to applaud the fact that they didn't just say "No" to me like another coupon site...

Kilwins Chocolates

Gliding silk across
my tongue; your sweetness true, your
form ever changing


Water, Dirt, Dust, Shock,
Jump, Dive, Climb, Drive, Mud and Rock
No Case? Use a sock!


Thanks for writing us
We are glad you have enjoyed
our online courses


Everyone loves Publix
where shopping is a pleasure
so please come back soon


Oh! Auditory
curiosity Brought us
together sneakily

Studio Rhino

Build, collude, delight
A torch! burning wild and bright
of dreams, films are made

Think Geek

A haiku for you
is something that I can do
you're an awesome geek!


Wawa Hot Turkey
so delicious and yummy
happiness is ours

Beautiful roll
dressing up meat and cheese
hoagies make me smile


Zoup! soup speaks to me
comforting my heart and soul
comfort in a bowl